You may (or may not have) seen that a little while ago I picked up a copy of Warlord Games Hail Caesar and Black Powder. If I’m honest, I haven’t even had a read of either books due to not having armies to field. Luckily though, Drew has had the time to read the Hail Caesar book and from what he tells me it sounds like we need to get involved with a game or two.

As any 28mm gamer will know, putting together and painting a full 28mm army is a huge amount of work and takes many hours which can spread over months. Which is fine with me, in fact I love the extended projects, however with so many other 28mm projects I’ve decided to look into getting a 6mm force set up.

This is going to involve a few different processes which I’m going to be writing blogs about over the coming months including everything from buying a force, painting, basing, terrain and gaming with the 6mm models. This is going to be a totally new experience for me and although Drew doesn’t know just yet, he is going to have a big part in helping me build these armies.

To start with we are going to be setting up an American War of Independence battle and battlefield as a practise run into Hail Caesar.

Keep an eye out for our next blog when we get this project moving.

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