G’day Guys,

You’re probably sick of reading about how busy I’ve been and how much it slows me down with blog updates etc. Luckily this time, I’ve been flat out busy with hobby for the past couple of weeks.

Wintercon 2017

Last weekend I packed up the family and drove out to Canberra and it was bloody cold! But well worth fighting the cold for Wintercon 2017. I entered into the competition to play Bolt Action with a 1250 Point veteran German list, which I was kind of limited with because models had to be painted to compete, hence taking everything as Veteran.
I played three games on the Saturday and was beaten in each one, so I learnt some valuable lessons but had a great time. One thing that was evident was that the Bolt Action community is amazing, everyone was welcoming and supportive and I can say that I’ll be back next year. A special mention has to go to Peter West for organising such a good competition and putting in the time to run it. Also the sponsors that supplied all the prizes, War and Peace Games pops to mind, mainly because I use them for everything and Ian has been great to me coming into this hobby.


Australian War Memorial

While I was in Canberra I had the chance to pop into the Australian War Memorial and wow! It was amazing. If you haven’t been, I suggest a special trip to see it. I was surprised to see some German WW2 items on display among everything else. I have just finished painting a German Motorbike with MMG, so check out the real thing and let me know what you reckon!



Warhammer 40K 8th Edition List Testing

We are having a huge amount of fun at the moment playing some 40K 8th edition and testing our new lists. Last Thursday night at Rebel Outpost Card and Games (Our local) I had a 500 point battle with Drew. His Tau vs my Imperial Guard. I come out victorious by destroying his army thanks to my Leman Russes armed with Punisher Gatling Cannons. However I think Jason was keeping a keen eye on the battle and has a list ready to counter my Lemans, I feel like it includes fusion blasters. I’ll let you know how sad I am after next Thursday!


New MDF Terrain for Shadow Wars

Jason has spent some money and received a crap ton of MDF industrial terrain which will be perfect for Shadow Wars. I’ll get some more details on the supplier but for now I’m running out of room trying to get all of this stuff built! We will hopefully be spending some time on this project in the very near future to get it all finished off.




The Big 40K Build

Rebel Outpost has a local 2000 points 40k 8th edition tournament coming up. So I’m working hard trying to get 40k models built including an Imperial Knight. I’ve also got about $300 worth of new gear being ordered in for my Astra Militarum. I will do a bit of a spotlight on my 2000 point list once I get it organised.
I’ve also got some other projects on my desk including some Necrons for Shadow Wars, some new infantry for Bolt Action and a never ending list of other things to build. You’ll have to forgive me for the mess, but I don’t like to stop once I start, eventually I’ll get cluttered and do a clean up. Works for me!


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