A couple of days ago I attempted to visit my favourite online web roster builder for Warhammer 40K, mainly to check out some new stats but to my horror I found the following message on the home screen.


If you aren’t familiar the screenshot above is taken from

As you can see the program has been shut down by Games Workshop for copyright infringement. Which seems like a backwards move from GW considering a huge portion of the 40K community use this resource almost daily and it was by far the most polished version on the internet. However I will say in fairness that a lot of the content like photos and the unit stats were property of GW, but I mean do you shut down the resource and piss off your players? A better approach in my opinion would be to ask the creator to not use the images or logo, or even better, endorse the website as a community built roster creator. Possibly even pay him a freelancers fee for the work he completes.

I’m not about to turn around and say that I hate Games Workshop or I’ll avoid their products, because I like the system and maybe even don’t mind the business model of making cool models with lots of online resources. Though we do pay a huge amount more for these models than we do with other businesses, so surely the community has to have a say.

A lot of what I am saying has been echo’d around the interwebs, so there is not much point in pushing the point much further. It just seems like an awful shame after such a wicked release of 8th edition.

If this is something you are passionate about, be sure to send an email to GW expressing your concern. Or don’t. If I’m totally honest I don’t see much changing the rock solid GW legal teams decision.

Peace out guys!


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