Hey Everyone,

I’m Drew, Cory’s brother and i thought as a good intro I would follow up Cory’s last post with my own current projects list. As Cory has already shared we both got into the world of wargaming through a recent re-sparked interest in Warhammer 40k, so lets start there.

Warhammer 40k Tau Sa’cea army

When Cory first showed up saying he’d purchased a ‘Start Collecting Astra Militarium’ box I was a little shocked, to say the least, as i thought we had put Warhammer long behind us. After some convincing (didn’t take too much to be honest) I decided to look around on the web to see what factions were out there and which i would be interested in. I found the Tau and decide that would be my army of choice and upon further research i found the Tau Sa’cea military branch/colour pallet, I fell in love with it.


As you can see by the image i haven’t done much in the way of painting the army yet.

I currently have:

3x Fire Warrior Teams

1x Pathfinder team

6x XV8 Crisis Battlesuits(3 yet to be assembled)

1x XV88 Broadside Battlesuit

1x Riptide

1x Piranha

and a whole bunch of drones(as any Tau player does).

Bolt Action US Airborne Army

Bolt Action is the game i probably play the most. I first found Bolt Action while looking for a 28mm alternative for flames of war. I was at first a little hesitant about trying it out, but i can happily say that I don’t regret it one bit and that I’m a huge fan of what Warlord games have done with Bolt Action and its rule set.

I didn’t initially choose the Americans i’ll be honest, we bought the ‘Band of Brothers’ starter box set that came with both an American force and a German force. I ended up with the Americans and my brother took the Germans. I’m glad it did happen that way, because i have been thoroughly enjoying the creation process of my American army and researching its various historical battles and accomplishments.



My Bolt Action army is the one i am currently focused on painting and they are the first figures that i have completely painted, my army is mainly comprised of US Airborne troops but it is also supported by US Glider infantry.

I currently have:

3x Airborne Squads

2x Glider Squads

2x Mmg Teams

2x Bazooka teams

2x M4 Sherman’s

1x M8 Greyhound

1x M10 Tank Destroyer(not yet assembled)

1x Light Mortar Team

1x sniper team

1x Light Howitzer

Hail Caesar 200BC Roman Republic Army

This army is probably the one I’m most excited about. I ‘m a huge ancient history buff, I wont claim to be an expert or anything anywhere near, but i have always had an interest in history and most of that interest is pointed towards the ancient era. I’m yet to play a game of Hail Caesar, I have read through the rule book and i like what i see.

Currently i do not own an army but some purchases have been made and I’m awaiting their arrival anxiously. Currently the only thing I own is one box of 50BC Julius Caesar legionaries, which i know isn’t historically accurate for what i want to achieve but it is the earliest troop type that Warlord games provide (I purchased a combo deal with the rule book, we love a bargain!).


Once the stuff i have ordered arrives then i will have an army made up of:

5x Histati/Princepes

1x Trarii

3x Velites

2x Iberian cavalry

I’m sure that this army will also expand more as time goes on.



Not much to say about these guys other than they were all acquired a long time ago, there are various units of Lord of the Rings miniatures and some 15mm flames of war Russians, I don’t know if these guys will ever leave the shelf but i thought i would just chuck them in for you all to see.


That is all I currently have though I’m sure as the years go on these armies will all triple and newer ones will rise.

This is my first blog post and so if there is any improvements anyone can think of I would love to hear from you.

  • Drew

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