Hey Guys,

Anyone that knows me usually knows that I have 1000 projects on the go at any one time. That applies for anything, even away from the tabletop. I thought I’d do a bit of a summarised list of projects that I’m currently working on and what stage they are up to. Over time I will do an in-depth  blog on each project individually.

Some of the projects are, but are not limited to:

Warhammer 40k Astra Militarium ‘Cadian’ army

So this was the first army that I started. I had spoken to a mate who was into painting some 40k gear, so I decided to walk into a Games Workshop after work one day and I walked out with a start box and codex. I’ve got about 1000 playable points worth of army, but we don’t play much 40k now, so it hasn’t been growing. This army is probably about 70% painted and I plan to put a bit of extra time into it soon to get it ready for 8th edition.

Bolt Action German Heer ‘Normandy’ Army

After starting 40k my brother Drew mentioned that he found a popular WW2 tabletop game. This made my ears prick straight up, as I am a bit of a history buff. Especially when it comes to WW2 and the Third Reich. No, I’m not some sort of sympathizer, I just find the time very interesting.
I’m currently working to finish off the painting of this army, which is probably 90% complete. It’s also my most used collection. I have big plans for this force and I like to think that I will continually add to it as my main force in Bolt Action.

DSC00041 (1364 x 908)

Star Wars Destiny Villain Deck

This started off as a side game to play with Drew. Also, a fantastic way to spend some money at the local gaming store when we pop in there to have a game on their tables. I thought I had a decent sized collection and a good deck until I went into a casual comp and was badly beaten by just about everyone. I still enjoy having a game but I enjoy the collectable side of the game even more.


I got into this game because the box set was about $50 and it was a short, fun game to get into. I’ve since built a German 2x Tiger and 1x Panther army which I love to get onto the tabletop. The local gaming shop has a small comp that goes on about once a month. We get the same people each time and it is becoming a bit of a casual gaming crew which is nice. I’m working on building some Sherman’s to add a bit of variety to my game play. This will be another one getting a blog of its own soon!

Flames of War USA

This army Is literally in a box, still on the sprue on my workbench minus a couple of halftracks. I decided to buy a Plastic Soldier Armoured Company boxset because I wanted to make a US Army in at least one game and wanted to jump into the new Flames of War 4th Edition. I probably went overboard considering the boxset comes with 20 vehicles and 105 figures, but hey, the price was right! I’ve also come to realise that the USA doesn’t have an army book for the 4th edition yet, which I don’t mind because it gives me some time to prepare. I’m currently painting and building the halftracks and I will continue to build this boxset in between projects. So, keep an eye out.

To be Continued

I hope you guys have enjoyed flicking through the projects currently on my build table. I assure you that they aren’t the only projects I have in the pipeline but I’ve only included things that I’ve started to build. I’ve got quite a few unopened boxes in front of me which will get put into the spotlight soon enough.


  • Cory

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