Hail Caeser Black Powder Army BoxG’day  Guys,

Life’s been super busy, as a result it has really put a hold on my wargaming efforts and also made the development of this page slow. The positive is that I’ve had a shipment of new gear that I can’t wait to get tucked into!

A few weeks ago I took advantage of the Warlord Games deal which allowed you to buy a rule book and receive a free box of models to go with the chosen game.  Myself and Drew had been talking about trying out Black Powder and Hail Caesar, since we have been having so much fun with Warlords Bolt Action – So perfect timing!

In the deal I grabbed a Hail Caesar rule book and a box of Macedonian Phalangites (Drew tells me they are interesting, could be a possible stitch up?), I also purchased a Black Powder rule book and a box of British Infantry. I won’t be rushing to put these kits together but hopefully you will see a game or two pop up soon and possibly some reviews. I plan on doing both a British and American army in Black Powder to have some American War of Independence fun.

I also picked up a copy of the new Flames of War 4th Edition rule book. I’ve never played Flames of War but reading through the book has got me excited. To go with this I grabbed a Plastic Soldier US Tank Company. From what I can tell there isn’t many rules for the Americans yet, but that might give me some time to get it all made up and ready to play. I won’t list whats in the box just yet, that needs a blog all to itself.

So maybe I spent a little too much this week, but I can’t resist a good deal!

  • Cory

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